Intimate Dialect

Every Moment Counts; Rotimi Fani Kayode; 1989

When I‘m working I’m drawn to the works of artists that help me through whatever it is I’m working on. This is why it was so amazing living in London, before Covid you could run to any gallery you wanted at the drop of a hat, there was an immediacy. Now it seems you have to book weeks in advance. It’s completely understandable, however it’s left me feeling rather spoiled. Over lockdown I tried to create this intimate dialect in an obsessive book buying habit. As I feel I’m continuously developing at the moment I indulged myself in whatever artists’ volumes I wanted. It’s crucial to me to have these intimate dialects with artists I relate to from the past. It somehow gives me confidence to continue with the endeavour of making work. 


Two male nudes; Thomas Eakins; about 1884

Mydas; Michael Armitage; 2019

Self-portrait; Frank Auerbach; 1958

Landscape with Two Figures; Keith Vaughan; 1969

My lovers portrait - anon

Nocturne in black and gold; James Whistler; c. 1875

The times of Day - Jean Baptiste Camille Corot

Interior of a Great House: The Drawing Room, East Cowes Castle c.1830 Joseph Mallord William Turner

Faun and a Girl; Max Slevogt

The Bodmer Oak Claude Monet

Tommies bathing; John Singer Sargent; 1918

Architect's Home in the Ravine; Peter Doig 1991