Others probably have different solutions


Over time I have gradually felt out a way of working that seems to work for me. I think it is something that comes with time and patience with yourself. In my year at The Royal Drawing School I learnt that everything you do feeds into your practice. It’s kind of liberating, you can draw something completely unrelated to what you what to approach within your practice and you’re reassured it’s helping you grow. Bearing this in mind I try to be as fluid as possible in relation to making work. I tend to gravitate towards what I want to do rather that what I feel I need to do. This has been a major adjustment especially as I was fed ideas of what constitutes a final work during my undergrad. Sometimes this process isn’t as slick and easy as I would like, but at least now I know what questions to ask myself when I’m finding the work tricky, and allow space for what I’m making. My key solutions to this feeling are, drawing outside, drawing from film, and drawing from others artworks. Others probably have different solutions.